“Say Kimchi!”

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KORRITO fans will already be familiar with our delicious Kimchi fried rice. The smell of Kimchi being sauteed in fragrant sesame oil is enough to get anyone salivating… so today we’re dedicating our post to Korea’s beloved dish, KIMCHI! So what is Kimchi? A spicy pickled and fermented cabbage that features so regularly in Korean […]

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Savouring Korea- The Taste of Home


Back in June 2013, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an exciting documentary project about Korean food. With the support of our backers and our friends at Korea Foods Ltd, our documentary dream became a reality! Together with Director and Cinematographer Adam Hobbs we shot across South Korea and London to showcase the colourful […]

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Interview with Joo, Founder of KORRITO


Posted by Sumgyeojin Gem on May 26, 2014.   I interviewed Joo before about her street food business, KORRITO. KORRITO is known for their burritos, using Korean ingredients in a modern twist that suit both East and West, traditional and modern elements.  A wonderful taste of ‘home’ with wholeful of excitement in either in burrito […]

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Korrito: The spicy interview with founder Joo Lee


Posted by Diya on Korea on 28 May 2014. I am sure you have all tried a burrito before. It is Mexican in origin, and is made up of a tortilla (tasty flour based flat bread) with rice, beans and usually meat wrapped inside. It takes a sheer genius to combine this with Korean food […]

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Do you like it hot at Korrito Boxpark?

Korrito swirl

Posted by Diya on Korea on 15 October 2014.   In Shoreditch, there currently sits a boxed metal construction made of stripped and refitted shipping containers housing a host of pop up stores. From a mix of fashion & lifestyle shopping brands, to galleries, cafes and restaurants, you will find it all in this very […]

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Interview with The Founder of KORRITO: Joo

joo apron

Posted by Sumgyeojin Gem on October 2, 2013. How and why did you start ‘Korrito’? Joo: Having moved to the UK aged 3, I recall having to point out Korea on a map on my first day at school, wearing my traditional Korean dress to show-and-tell sessions and the envy of my friends when I […]

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KORRITO Kickstarter Project


Posted on 14 May 2013. A culinary travelogue through vibrant South Korea, savouring the bold, spicy cuisine and discovering its secrets. The Inspiration I grew up in the suburbs of London but born to traditional Korean parents, I never lost sight of my heritage and culture, especially when it came to food! My mother often […]

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