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Posted on 14 May 2013.

A culinary travelogue through vibrant South Korea, savouring the bold, spicy cuisine and discovering its secrets.

The Inspiration

I grew up in the suburbs of London but born to traditional Korean parents, I never lost sight of my heritage and culture, especially when it came to food! My mother often chuckles remembering the times I’d ask for a slice of kimchi with my cornflakes before heading off to school and I have fond memories of my father lighting the charcoal fire for an impromptu Korean BBQ in our garden. Now in my adulthood, I am focusing on promoting this exciting and vibrant cuisine to the world with my Korean street food business, Korrito.

Armed with a desire to share my love of Korean food with the world, I will be embarking on a gastronomic road-trip through South Korea with a 2-man film crew culminating in a documentary about the history of Korean cuisine and showcasing the seductive flavours to a global audience. To help me with this project, I am looking for pledges to fund the production of the documentary.

Korean food is one of the most talked about food trends in the US, whether it is Michelle Obama tweeting about her kimchi recipe or Gwyneth Paltrow cooking her favourite bibimbap dish on YouTube. Yet in the UK, it remains relatively undiscovered. There is definitely a gap in the market and my dream is to share the bold, punchy and fun nature of Korean food through this documentary.

Provisional Itinerary

Going back to my roots, I will rediscover the very sights, sounds and smells I grew up with in London. I will visit a traditional Korean BBQ where the diners sit with a charcoal fire bang smack in the middle of the table. What is the secret to the perfect marinade? Which exotic cuts of meat are the most popular?

Then onto a kimchi factory to see and no doubt smell first hand the pickle and fermenting process that gives the dish the sharp but satisfying flavour.

I will then visit a remote countryside to learn from a Korean grandmother how gochujang is made and stored. Her secret recipe, I will bring back with me to London.

Along the way, I will discover the more unusual and shocking side of Korean food, be it steamed silkworms sold on the streets or live octopus chopped and devoured straight from the tank – an alien experience for the viewer!

After animated interviews with locals, expats and the foodies of Korea, the documentary will conclude with the realisation of how successful Korean food can become in the UK.

Be a part of the adventure!

London is a true melting pot of diverse cultures and serves as the perfect backdrop to the colourful food I will be offering through my street food stall, Korrito. The documentary project will serve as a way of further promoting Korean food and I invite you to be a part of this gastronomic adventure. In recognition of your generosity and support, please check out the rewards that I will offer in return.

The funds raised through your pledges will go entirely towards funding the documentary. A guideline of the projected costs include:

  • Airfare from London to Seoul for myself and 2 film crew staff
  • Accomodation, transport and meal expenses
  • Post-production costs

Pledge now and help me to raise awareness of Korean cuisine, allowing me to set London aight with this fun, fiery food!

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