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Savouring Korea - The Taste of Home

This three part mini series written and produced by Joo Lee, Founder of KORRITO and filmed by Cinematographer Adam Hobbs, explores the past, present and future of Korean cuisine.

Funded by Kickstarter and sponsored by Korea Foods Co. Ltd, the documentary showcases the flavours of Korean food from beautiful South Korea but also charts the growing scene in London, with views from celebrity chef and Sunday Times Food writer Gizzi Erksine; Head chef of Smokehouse and Korean food connoisseur Neil Rankin; and the wise Godfather of the UK food scene, Roy Ackerman CBE.

Join Joo as she journeys back to South Korea to sample and savour the exciting food of her homeland. The story concludes in London where Korean food is beginning to make an impact on the thriving street food scene. Joo will share with you the seductive flavours of Korean cuisine through amazing encounters and show you why Korean food really is the next big thing.

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A Korean Beginning

Joo begins her journey exploring traditional elements of Korean cuisine. From Korea’s rich agricultural history to the vibrant Royal cuisine of the Koryo dynasty, Joo discovers that so much of Korea’s history, tradition and philosophy can be found in the food itself.

Seoul Searching

In a city that never sleeps, Joo searches for modern trends of Korean food and explores how traditional elements are adapting to Seoul’s rapidly changing culinary scene. Visits to restaurant Poom where the old and new come together is a revelation, as are visits to Gwangjang market, Myeongdong and the BBQ filled streets of Mapo.

London Calling

The story concludes in London where the rise in the street food scene is helping to showcase Korean flavours to a wider audience. As the city opens its doors to the rustic, bold and punchy flavours of Korean cuisine, Joo discusses the globalisation of Korean food with Gizzi Erksine, Roy Ackerman, and Neil Rankin.



Production Team

Written and Produced by Joo Lee
Executive Producers Dan Suh & Yooni Suh
Director /Cinematographer Adam Hobbs
Producers Erica Lee, Kimberly Chae, Sooyon Park
Camera Assistants Zack Whiteside, Ken Bonar
Production Assistant Lauren Davis
Production Sound MJ Lee
Title Design SK Lee
Music Canopy Climbers - "Souvenir"
Sponsors Korea Foods UK


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Andrew Talbot Jessica Brown Patty Tangpanitanon
Andrew Wong Jin Hwan Kim Pil Oh
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Catherine Smith Ken Fujii Stella Lee
Chi Kan Kenneth Yoo Sukho Lee
Conrad Lee Kodi Tan Phairatphiboon
Darren Weston Kurosh Nikbin Tony & Valerie Westwood
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